We are a prominent global player in Crude Oil & Refined Petroleum products market. In a highly volatile market environment, we make smart moves with adept business models to create core business value for our customers & suppliers. We create balance in oil market by channelizing energy products where they are most needed to enhance time, space and transport values.
We have two major trading segments namely Crude Oil and Refined Products.
We trade in various types of crude such as light, medium & heavy crude oil from various global markets. In refined product segment, we deal with Light Ends/Distillates such as LPG, Naphtha and Gasoline; Middle Distillates such as Gas Oil, Aviation and Jet Fuel, Superior Kerosene and Heavy Bottoms such as LSFO, LSHS and Bitumen (Asphalt). We also recently embark into a special products segment such as petroleum Coke, sulphur and various Petro-Chemical products.We are the trusted business partner of world energy players.

Trading Segments

Our business model flourishes based on strategic partnership with key global energy operators.  Our ambition is to grow organically driven by long term trade arrangements with our counter-parties. We originate product sourcing from various market segments such as Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Europe, Asia and South East Asia. We attribute our successful transnational business operations to continued support & collaboration with our business partners.

We assist our trading partners with optimal pricing solutions backed by sound market intelligence & price modelling. We support our counter-parties with alternate pricing options including extended terms. Favorable pricing terms for long term strategic deals are extended to accomplish commercial value creation.

Crude oil is a natural fossil fuel that, once refined, is used to create most of the energy sources used industrially and domestically. It is used widely in the production of chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilisers, pesticides and plastics. We offtake crude oil from producers of all sizes and manage its trading, storing, financing and supply to counterparties and clients. We offer commercial support with tailored and structured transactions with applying our risk management, financial and investment expertise.

Refined petroleum products are derived from crude oil through processes such as catalytic cracking and fractional distillation. Refining is a necessary step before oil can be burned as fuel or used to create end products. We have a broad target market as we are focused on an international market with particular emphasis on Latin America, Africa, and the Far East. Our customers include national oil companies, major oil companies, trading houses, fuel distributors and power plants.

Gasolines are all fuels that are used to generate motion for gasoline engines, which are used as automotive or aviation fuel. It is made by blending a number of refined products with the blend varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, depending on local requirements.We adapt our offer for customers worldwide with the fuel specification appropriate for their region.

Naphtha refers to a range of volatile and flammable liquids produced by the distillation of petroleum.Equator SA has an important role in supplying Naphtha to customers in Latin America, Africa, and the Far East. These operations are underpinned by an extensive network of storage and shipping assets, as well as our expertise

Middle distillates refers to a range of refined products situated between lighter fractions, such as LPG or gasoline, and heavier products such as fuel oil. They are called middle distillates because the products are removed at mid-height in the distillation tower during the multi-stage process of thermal separation. We are involved in the global middle distillates markets whose product grades are subject to global structural imbalances in supply and demand, to which we adapt continuously.

Bitumen is one of the heaviest products produced from crude distillation and is used primarily in road paving and industrial applications such as roofing and waterproofing. Equator SA supplies grades of bitumen according to client requirements. We are continuously updating our fleet to support the broadening of our presence in bitumen markets.

Fuel oil, which is the residue from distilling crude oil during the refining process, refers to a range of the least volatile and heaviest of the commercially used fuels. We believe that strong relationships are important to our fuel oil business and they enable us to respond efficiently to the requests of our customers. We have knowledge of market developments through our activities in all the major oil trading forums. We provide the reassurance of delivering on the specification and on time, but we can also facilitate tailor-made pre-financing while associating the necessary risk management packages.