Our approach

We operate globally, quickly and smartly to meet our counterparties energy requirements across globe. Thanks to our top business relations with partners and efficient supply chain operations. We source products from Middle East, North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Far East. We help suppliers for their uninterrupted production operations by honoring our contractual up-liftment commitments. Customers get continual product supplies at competitive prices with minimized risks.

Trading Opportunities

Identify & optimize trading opportunities for value creation.

Business Services

Use deep trading skills to assist counter-parties for commercially prudent decision-making with minimum risks.

Networks & Partnerships

Leverage network & partnerships to efficiently facilitate flow of oil commodities across market place.


Build transparency & ethicality in operations to grow trust & partnership.

Global Trading

Emerge as a highly respective global trading powerhouse.

Logistics Capabilities

Enhancing logistics capabilities including ownership of trading assets & forming enduring partnerships with charter firms.

Cost Effective

Simple & integrated cost effective commercial solutions backed by market intelligence.

Risk Solutions

Risk mitigation solutions and innovative deal structuring options.