Governance Compliance & Policies


Global Energy Trading Business

Our energy trading business subjects us to lot of compliances with the regulatory authorities across the globe. Virtually all our business operations are impacted by regulations relating to health and safety, emissions and environmental standards, international trade and political sanctions, exchange and financial risks like derivatives and hedging. Health, Safety and Environment are three overriding consideration of our business.

The key elements of our compliance policies are listed below:

We have laid out clear cut policies relating to anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, trade conduct, market abuse, data protection, business information protection, etc. The underlying principle is zero tolerance to the breaches regarding the same.

Regular training and up-gradation on the policies is imparted to our relevant employees to educate them and keep them abreast of the compliance norms & trends. Our risk department personnel are specifically trained to strictly follow prudent practices in risk management to prevent fraudulent and unethical practices in violation of local and international laws and norms.

Our people remain our key priority with emphasis on good health and well-being. Safety of our people, our customers, our partners, our agents, our vendors including the community where we operate is of paramount priority. We inculcate zero accident approach with full protection to our people and without damaging our environment.

We have a strong internal audit process to provide a frank and independent assessment of our business practices and financial systems. We also hire independent third party audits for suggesting best business practices and to eliminate any sort of potential non compliance which may have crept into our practices.

Ensa Energia is backed by a robust corporate governance policy thus guaranteeing that the business continues to be managed in principled and prudent manner. The framework incorporates entities to manage and mitigate financial & operational risks by having a holistic integrated organizational set up backed by sound policies and procedures based on integrity, transparency and accountability. Commitment of its management towards its various stakeholders at different levels both internal and external is fully ensured with appropriate institutionalized control mechanism. This policy describes core components of corporate governance in terms of people, purpose, process and performance.

Ensa Energia undertakes to abide by anti-money laundering programmes established by the company. Suspicious activity reporting requirements are time sensitive. Ensa Energia is committed to meeting its responsibilities to help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. These responsibilities generally include identifying clients, monitoring client activity and reporting suspicious or unusual activity consistent with applicable laws.

Ensa Energia maintains adequate policies and procedures to prevent our business partners from engaging in corrupt activity.

We conduct our business guided by the highest ethical standards and recognize each individual’s responsibility to ensure consistent compliance with these standards and related policies and procedures. Fair Trade is at the core of our business.

Sanction obligations and prohibitions are highly regarded within Ensa Energia. Consultation with the relevant officer responsible for sanctions is crucial in determining if a government, individual or entity is subject to these prohibitions. Sanctions checks are carried out both through third-party systems and our own internal processes. Prompt report shall be made if any party is found to be on the applicable sanctions lists.